CCTV Camera Service

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CCTV Camera Service

Branded Products

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ADOFIX delivers best quality products to ensure durability under cctv camera installation, cctv camera service, cctv camera repair.

1-Year ADOFIX Warranty

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cctv repair near me,
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ADOFIX offers 1-Year On-site warranty to make our customer happy under CCTV Camera installation CCTV Camera Service CCTV Camera System.

On Time Service

cctv camera service near me,
cctv repair near me,
cctv dealers near me,
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ADOFIX delivers your expectation on time. Just a click, You will smile.   

Hiring guide for CCTV Camera Installation & Repair

A CCTV Camera installation is a prerequisite in every home or business nowadays. With increasing crimes and burglary, the  CCTV cameras make sure that your property is protected. ADOFIX provides the best CCTV Camera Services. Our knowledgeable and professional CCTV installation engineers will assist you in providing reasonable home security camera systems, commercial security camera systems, CCTV system repair, CCTV camera service, CCTV camera wireless installation, video surveillance installations, and CCTV camera repair, for homeowners, business owners, property owners. Are you looking for CCTV installation? Well, ADOFIX provides you the best security solution for your requirement at affordable cost.

Owning a CCTV camera system ensures that surroundings of your home or business are under surveillance 24/7. The system also eliminates the need for an on-site security staff. You do not need to spend money on the security staff. Our top priority is to provide the best CCTV installers to keep you safe with peace of mind. Our services can be personalized to meet all your specifications and expectations. We can take up the request for installation of CCTV camera and CCTV camera repair.

Uses of CCTV camera Installation

Helps keep a watchful eye on children, sick family members and senior persons

You get video recording of your home when you go to office or on a holiday

Industrial security – there may be high-risk areas in a factory, where human monitoring is impossible/non-suitable

Banks as well shops having CCTV cameras give the customers confidence about safety and security.

If you are searching for the companies specialized in CCTV installation, you will have to search on the listed websites and compare their prices. But at ADOFIX , all you have to do is make a few clicks. You will receive a call within the scheduled time from one of the top surveillance camera installation professional who will act as per your requirement and budget. Isn't it surprising?

Services Offered By Our Top Security Camera Consultants

  • CCTV Camera installation
  • CCTV camera repair
  • Optimization of surveillance cameras
  • CCTV Camera service
  • Repairs regarding DVR and their connections
  • SVR to internet connection\Installation for NVR
  • Configuration of IP cameras

Kindly note we have a large client base ranging from 

Individual householders

Large residential apartments

Small-medium businesses



Software industries.

Our efficient professionals are experienced in CCTV installation of devices of the brands such as - 

  • CP Plus CCTV installation
  • HIKvision CCTV camera repair
  • Zicom CCTV service
  • Dahua CCTV installation
  • Vantage CCTV service
  • Vintron CCTV installation
  • Autocap CCTV camera repair
  • Electronic Eye CCTV service

What We Do:


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  • CCTV Camera Service in Panvel, CCTV Camera Installation in Panvel, CCTV Camera Repair in Panvel
  • CCTV Camera Service in Bhiwandi, CCTV Camera Installation in Bhiwandi, CCTV Camera Repair in Bhiwandi
  • CCTV Camera Service in BKC, CCTV Camera Installation in BKC, CCTV Camera Repair in BKC
  • CCTV Camera Service in CST, CCTV Camera Installation in CST, CCTV Camera Repair in CST
  • CCTV Camera Service in Churchgate, CCTV Camera Installation in Churchgate, CCTV Camera Repair in Churchgate
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Assured CCTV Security Camera Services in reasonable pricing

We offer very transparent pricing for our services so that our customers  celebrate his CCTV Camera Services Day.  

Premium Brands CCTV Camera at Affordable Prices

We use original parts & hardware to ensure durability of CCTV Camera Services. You can visit pricing section to know the cost related to CCTV Camera & supplementary parts under CCTV Camera Installation, CCTV Camera Service, CCTV Camera Repair & CCTV Camera System.     

Demo and site-inspection at your Home/Property

ADOFIX believe in quality services with 100% customer satisfaction. We try to achieve maximum result in minimum input by inspecting the area before CCTV Camera Service, CCTV Camera System, CCTV Camera Repair & CCTV Camera Installation.

Best Service Quality

We offer 2 year product warranty by product dealer & 1 year service warranty for CCTV Camera Service, CCTV Camera System, CCTV Camera Repair & CCTV Camera Installation. 

Highly trained & Background verified professionals

We promise to offer hassle-free services & to make it happen we verify & train our professionals under cctv camera installation, cctv camera service, cctv camera system.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you define CCTV?
CCTV - full form - Closed Circuit Television. Best defined as a device that can keep a hawk's eye on activities and environments. In short, the system involves a fixed or wireless link between monitors and cameras. It is the most preferred form of non-violent defense against burglars and infiltrators.

How to book CCTV Camera Services?

You just have to visit our website, see pricing of your required CCTV Camera service & contact us by requesting services.

Can I schedule my CCTV  Camera Installation?

ADOFIX professionals will contact you withing an hour of your request submission. After that you can schedule your CCTV Security Camera service with the technician.

Why should I opt for a service professional partner from ADOFIX?
You need not. But kindly consider the next mentioned points. A spy is always despised. But an invisible spying partner will definitely give the best protection. Our experts can complete the installation in quick time owing to their experience. Perfection has become a habit and they can go the extra mile to meet your requirements.

I have doubts about choosing a CCTV camera?
Selecting the right camera for your security and safety is very important. Our skilled technicians can give the best advice based on your budget and need. You have to give importance to these points - What is the location of a camera? Indoors/outdoors Do you need images of normal condition environment or low light conditions (night) Vision – Does the camera’s field of view need a large or narrow vision? Distance – You have to decide the distance of objects you want to record. The most important – your budget.

Can my CCTV camera system record in the dark?
There are special CCTV cameras that can record situations even in low light. householders who have installed CCTV listed their opinion as - Safety for my loved family members For the businessmen, who have installed CCTV cameras, it is - If an area is important, then the very presence of CCTV should keep off criminal activity.

Is it possible that I can view or control my CCTV camera from another location?
Many of the DVR ‘s can be remotely controlled via the internet from a different location. You can also download certain apps or applications that give you access to view the camera as per your need. Choose the right camera and make not only your home, office but also the neighborhoods safer.

Do you also provide CCTV camera installation of DVR?
Yes, among our many services, we not only provide installation of every brand of DVRs such as - 4CH DVR 8 CH DVR 6 CH DVR 24 CH DVR 32 CH DVR

What are the main benefits of installing a CCTV camera?
You get – 24/7/365 recording Monitoring of fixed areas Day as well night care supervision Low energy consumption/low noise Images and videos of high resolution Water-proof as well weather resistant to any environmental condition Prevention of crime at home/vandalizing or theft of items in office/industries Monitoring of elders/children at home Ensuring safety of employees in industrial premises


What if I incur damage while receiving my CCTV Security Camera service?

We offer damage assurance upto INR 12000 so you should not worry about that.

What if I am not satisfied with CCTV Security Camera service?

We offer 365 days CCTV Security Camera Service Warranty. In that case, you can always contact ADOFIX by calling 8888907654 and request revisit free of cost.



cctv camera service near me,
cctv repair near me,
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