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Laptop Repair Near Me,
Computer Repair Near Me,
Printer Repair Near Me,
New Computer, New Laptop,

ADOFIX delivers best quality products to ensure durability.

1-Year ADOFIX Warranty

Laptop Repair Near Me,
Computer Repair Near Me,
Printer Repair Near Me,
New Computer, New Laptop,

ADOFIX offers 1-Year On-site warranty to make our customer happy

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Laptop Repair Near Me,
Computer Repair Near Me,
Printer Repair Near Me,
New Computer, New Laptop,

ADOFIX delivers your expectation on time. Just a click, You will smile.   

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Hiring guide for Computer Repair Or Laptop Repair

A broken laptop or computer can become a struggle, especially when we’ve started taking our work home, and college projects have become more digital. An Even educational sector, today, functions with research and PDF. Hence, be it a professional personnel or a college goer, everyone needs a laptop or computer. This is the reason that a broken laptop or computer can become a nightmare. If you are facing such a situation and have no time to locate a laptop service center of a particular brand or visit one, we are here to fix this situation for you. ADOFIX’s laptop repair services provide you with doorstep pickup and delivery. We provide services for all major brands. Hence, be it Lenovo laptop repair, Dell laptop repair, Sony laptop repair, HP laptop repair or Acer laptop repair, we ace them all. 

We replace your timing consuming search of " computing shops near me, laptop repairing near me, laptops repair near me, computer repairs shop near me, laptop repair near me, laptop repair shops near me, laptop shops near me, laptop shop near me, repair computer near me, computer service near me, computer repair near me, computer repair nearby me, computer service centre near me, computer hardware shop nearby me,  laptop repairing center near me, computers repair services near me, computer shop nearby, computer repair service near me, laptop service near me, laptop repair centre near me, computer mechanic near me, etc" to just ADOFIX's Laptop Service OR ADOFIX's Computer Service. 

How does it work?

As soon as you open the ADOFIX website to search for laptop repair service or Computer Repair Service, you will get to understand the working kudos to our Product team. A professional will be at your doorsteps to pick up your device at your selected time.

Services Offered By Our Top Computer Repair Technician

  • Motherboard Repair
  • Processor Issue
  • Optimization of Laptop or Computer
  • Computer Services
  • Repairs regarding other accessories
  • Printer Services
  • Laptop Services
  • System Maintenance 
  • Computer Dealers
  • Laptop Dealers

Our efficient professionals are experienced in Computer Repair or Laptop Repair of devices of the brands such as - 

  • HP Laptop or HP Computer 
  • Dell Laptop or Dell Computer  
  • Lenevo Laptop or Lenevo Computer  
  • ACER Laptop or ACER Computer  
  • ASUS Laptop or ASUS Computer  
  • SONY Laptop or SONY Computer  
  • Toshiba Laptop or Toshiba Computer  
  • Samsung Laptop or Samsung Computer  
  • IBM Laptop or IBM Computer 

Computer Products | Computer Repair Services

Laptop Repair Near Me,
Computer Repair Near Me,
Printer Repair Near Me,
New Computer, New Laptop,

Assured Computer & Laptop Repair Services in reasonable pricing

We offer very transparent pricing for our services so that our customers  celebrate his Computer Services & Laptop Services Day. 

Highly trained & Background verified professionals

We promise to offer hassle-free services & to make it happen we verify & train our professionals for Computer Services, Laptop Services & Printer Services

Genuine Computer & Laptop Parts

We use original parts & hardware to ensure durability of Computer Products. You can buy brand new Computers, Laptops, Printers & other IT products.

Happy Computer Service Day

We offer best computer Services & laptop services in a very reasonable pricing with 1 month service warranty. 

Related Computer & Laptop Services

We offer solution for generic software & hardware issue, display issue, speaker/microphone issue, data recovery, power issue and network solution. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to book Computer services/Laptop Services/Printer Repair Service?

You just have to visit our website, see pricing of your required computer services or laptop services & contact us by requesting services.

Can I schedule my computer/laptop repair service?

ADOFIX professionals will contact you withing an hour of your request submission. After that you can schedule your computer/laptop repair service with the technician.

What if I incur damage while receiving my computer/laptop repair service?

We offer damage assurance upto INR 12000 so you should not worry about that.

What if I am not satisfied with computer/laptop repair service?

We offer 30 days Computer/Laptop Repair Service Warranty. In that case, you can always contact ADOFIX by calling 8888907654 and request revisit free of cost.

Things you must know

More about computer Services

Most common laptop or desktop problems are laptop running slow, broken laptop screen, broken monitor screen, blank display on laptop or desktop screen, laptop turning on and off repeatedly, broken or missing keyboard keys, noise problem from laptop, laptop overheating etc. Book our computer repair services or Laptop Repair Services for all your personal and business needs.

Most common computer related problems and their repair solutions

Every laptop/ desktop owner experiences some kind of problem every now and then. Now matter how secure, new and updated your computer is, it will eventually run into some kind of problem. While there can be hundreds of issues, below is a list of issues most computers are quite prone to and their solutions.

Computer Won’t Turn On

A computer not turning on is something that’s beyond a computer owner’s control. A computer not turning on can be due to multiple reasons, and requires troubleshooting in order to zero down the problem. Most common reasons for computer can range from as simple as loose cord or as serious as faulty power supply.
Another common issue with laptops/ desktops is that the device may power up but is unable to boot or just show a black screen. Probable reasons for a blank/ black screen include dead hard drive, corrupted boot sector or simply unplugged monitor or some kind of display issue.

Computer Lockups and Freezes

The ‘Blue Screen of Death’ is the most baffling and frustrating issues faced by computer owners. The screen comes to a complete halt displaying an error message which, for most of the people, is completely gibberish. Computer lockups are caused by number of issues such as buggy software, lack of system memory etc. It could also be caused due to faulty RAM or failed/ corrupt hard drive.

Computer Gets Slow

This usually happens when the a large amount of junk files get accumulated over time. Whenever any application is uninstalled or removed from the computer, its leftover files may continue to occupy some space in the hard drive. Leftover files and data are useless and result in degradation of the hard drive, causing the computer to get slower over time. Other reasons for a computer getting slow are low or insufficient memory and low hard drive space.

Unwanted/ Strange Noise

Strange whirring noises in computers can be really annoying, especially if you are spending multiple hours working on your computer. The most probable cause for a continuous whirring noise in a computer is the fan. Every computer has a fan that needs continuous maintenance and cleaning in order to remove all accumulated dust/ dirt. The fan should spin freely without any physical obstruction or touching any other adjacent parts.


Computers tend get slower over a span of time due to gradual degradation of hard drive and various other parts including the fan. The fan unit is responsible for keeping the device cool. Overheating is linked with many computer problems such as mouse glitches, unexpected shutdowns, computer freezing, performance issues etc. 

But Don't Worry ADOFIX is there for you! Book Laptop Repair & Computer Repair Services with Computer Dealers.


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Laptop Repair Near Me,
Computer Repair Near Me,
Printer Repair Near Me,
New Computer, New Laptop,

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