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ADOFIX delivers best quality products to ensure durability for Intercom System/Intercom Phone Installation.

1-Year ADOFIX Warranty


ADOFIX offers 1-Year On-site warranty to make our customer happy

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ADOFIX delivers your expectation on time. Just a click, You will smile.   


Safety. It’s always one of our primary thoughts, and it’s something you have to consider when assessing your living situation. Even if you feel like you’re in the safest neighborhood possible, you still need to take extra precaution. An underrated way to make sure your home is well-equipped for any scenario is by installing a home intercom system. They’ve actually been around for quite some time, but home intercom systems have vastly improved with general advancements in technology. Knowing you have this feature can give you that extra peace of mind.

Updated Security:

With the installation of an intercom system, you’re giving yourself the ability to have full control of your house. Especially if you decide to make your home completely smart and combine the intercom system with home automation, you can have access to your property at all times.

Communication Is Key:

Whether your home is large or small, there are going to be times where communication could be made easier. Especially if you have kids in the house, rather than shouting up or down to them, simply install a home intercom system to make life simple. If you’re trying to get their attention or you need help, that’s also a unique way for the intercom to be used. It’s the idea of keeping the house peaceful versus having to shout out loud.

Be Comfortable:

You should be comfortable inside your home. Perhaps the biggest perk of this addition is how it allows you to screen your door. By that, we mean you can easily get notice of who arrives at your door before opening it, and you can even ask them to identify as well. The wireless doorbell is a clever aspect of the home intercom Phone, and it brings you a level of versatility that can’t be matched. In some cases, if the chime isn’t heard, you can even receive a text alert when the doorbell is struck. It’s a way to enhance the overall safety of your home, and it also makes a simple process even easier.

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At ADOFIX, we offer top-notch security systems, fire alarms, home theaters, and home automation systems that will make your life safer, more functional, and more enjoyable.  You will be resting easy when you work with ADOFIX.  Our professional team and fast installations are enough to keep customers coming back, again and again.

Intercom System and Internet

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Assured Intercom System & Internet Services in reasonable pricing

We offer very transparent pricing for our services so that our customers  celebrate his Intercom System & Internet Services Day.  

Premium Brands Intercom Phone/Internet Products at Affordable Prices

We use original parts & hardware to ensure durability of Intercom Phone/Internet Services. You can visit pricing section to know the cost related to Intercom Phone/Internet & supplementary parts.  

Demo and site-inspection at your Home/Property

ADOFIX believe in quality services with 100% customer satisfaction. We try to achieve maximum result in minimum input by inspecting the area before Intercom system/Internet Services.

Best Service Quality

We offer 1 year product warranty by product dealer & 1 year service warranty for Intercom system/Internet Services. 

Highly trained & Background verified professionals

We promise to offer hassle-free services & to make it happen we verify & train our professionals for Intercom System & Intercom Phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to book Intercom Phone Installation?

You just have to visit our website, see pricing of your required  Intercom Phone/Internet services & contact us by requesting services.

Can I schedule my  Intercom Phone Installation service?

ADOFIX professionals will contact you withing an hour of your request submission. After that you can schedule your  Intercom Phone Installation service with the technician.

What if I incur damage while receiving my  Intercom system/Internet  service?

We offer damage assurance upto INR 12000 so you should not worry about that.

What if I am not satisfied with  Intercom system/Internet  service?

We offer 365 days  Intercom system/Internet  Service Warranty. In that case, you can always contact ADOFIX by calling 8888907654 and request revisit free of cost.

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